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Highland Park consists of only 2.24 square miles of property located within Dallas, Texas but has established itself as one of the most prestigious areas within the state. Highland Park and its neighbor, University Park, form the very well known area of the Park Cities.

Highland Park is the 19th wealthiest cities with a population of over 1,000 people in the United States, and the third wealthiest city in Texas based on a per capita income. The city is dedicated to preserving their values, their independence, and their homes. An inscription on the City Council chamber walls reads, “THE TOWN OF HIGHLAND PARK – A Haven for Home and Fireside, Undisturbed by conflict of commercial or Political interests. The function of government in Highland Park is protection of the home. Citizens who cherish their homes will vigilantly preserve their heritage of self-government.”

Highland Park Village

Highland Park is home to Highland Park Village, a commercial shopping center made famous by the television series “DALLAS” which often filmed on location there. Highland Park Village is a national historic landmark and was the first planned shopping center in the United States to be built in a box style with all shops facing in towards a middle parking area. Highland Park Village is often called the town square of Highland Park.

Highland Park Schools

The Highland Park Independent School District (HPISD) is one of the highest ranked school districts in Texas with all of the schools in the district ranking as “Exemplary.” Highland Park is ranked as the second highest educated city in Texas, second only to its neighbor University Park which also shares HPISD schools. In a 2008 study, Highland Park High School was ranked as the 15th best high school in the US. Other Highland Park schools include Armstrong Elementary, Bradfield Elementary, McCulloch Middle School, and Highland Park Middle School. A quality Highland Park education generally leads to a quality college education. Over 76% of adults in Highland Park have an Associate’s Degree or higher and 74% have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Don’t want to travel to go to school? Southern Methodist University (SMU) is located right there in the heart of the Park Cities.

Highland Park Houses For Sale – Highland Park Luxury Houses

Highland Park luxury houses often come with a luxury price tag. At the end of 2010, the average price for Highland Park houses for sale was just over $1.2 million, however you can find Highland Park houses that will fit many budgets. Highland Park real estate comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and architectural styles that can satisfy even the most picky of stylish elites. While they are rare, you can also find empty Highland Park lots where you can build the house of your dreams, or purchase an older Highland Park house and remodel or tear it down and start fresh.
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